Mobile Coffee Services


Espresso Coffee Bar

Our basic espresso-coffee menu is inclusive of Espresso (2 oz), Cappuccino (6 oz), Flat White (6 oz), Long Black (6 oz), Latte (8 oz). Other espresso-based coffee like Macchiato and Ristretto can be prepared by our baristas upon special request from guests. To grind and brew on-demand, it takes just under a minute to brew one cup of espresso-based coffee!

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Coffee Appreciation Workshops

In a two hour interactive session, our trainers will engage you and your pals to understand, discover and demystify the different aroma and flavours in coffee.

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Office Baristas

Ever thought of having your own in-house mobile barista in your office in Singapore? Thinking of ways to enhancing your employee welfare?

With KAFVE’s Office Barista, now you can!

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KAFVE is a leading name in mobile coffee catering services in Singapore since 2014. We offer a new platform for companies, event organisers and hosts to impress and enhance the experience of your guests with our specialty Espresso Bar, Nitrogen Coffee Bar and customised engagement activities.

We work on every detail, from sourcing and choice of single-origin / mix blend of beans, brewing techniques, customised coffee art & branding efforts, exclusive coffee counter to the interaction and engagement with your guests, to ensure an exquisite experience for you and your guests.

With personalised mobile barista services and customised coffee art, KAFVE brings freshly-brewed specialty coffee through our coffee cart to your exhibitions, seminars, conferences, product launches, weddings and even private parties anywhere in Singapore!

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose to deploy either the espresso or hand-brew coffee bar even bring both brewing techniques for your guests!

Specialty Tea selection and non-caffeine beverages are available too!


What We Offer

Lasting Impressions

We help bring a lasting impression of your brand and event to all your guests and public by raising awareness through the art of coffee brewing and across social media platforms.

Brand Engagement

You can even white-label us by requesting for your brand name and logo to appear on our Coffee Cart, Coffee Bar, Coffee Cups, Coffee Sleeves, Barista’s Aprons and even Coffee Art during the event!

Social Media Marketing

Leveraging Social Media Marketing, we encourage User Generated Contents to help your brand & event gain traction on social medias through high image contents and #hashtags!

We could even design your own customised coffee art, KAFVE helps to increase your brand experience and awareness through social media exposure and engagement activities with your audience.

Our mobile baristas impress and connect with your guests through demonstration of coffee brewing and art on our coffee carts. Guests can also have an hands-on experience of creating their very own coffee art.

Customised coffee art has always managed to capture the attention of many people which creates a branding and marketing platform by value adding to the experience of your guest as well as giving rise to positive feelings and emotions towards your brand / event.

For more enquiries and information regarding how KAFVE can value add to your event, please contact us through our contact page or get a quotation for our mobile coffee services in Singpore below.

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